Hula Girl - Cigar Tins 8 Pack - 7Ct Case

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Name Quantity
100% Natural 399 Left
Chocolate Mac Nut 625 Left
Coffee Mac Nut 495 Left
Coconut Mac Nut 0 Left
Mango Mac Nut 459 Left
Vanilla Mac Nut 0 Left
Clove Mac Nut 499 Left
Honey Mac Nut 250 Left
The Hula Girl small cigars are created with special blend of superior quality Isabela (from La Union) and Kona Blend tobacco providing a smooth finish with a little sweetness. The flavors are rich and earthy with caramel notes and nothing overbearing.

  • Made of 100% premium Isabela Tobacco
  • Contains 8 flavored cigars per pack
  • Contains 7 packs per case
  • Flavors: Natural, Chocolate Mac Nut, Clove Mac Nut Coffee Mac Nut, Coconut Mac Nut, Mango Mac Nut, Vanilla Mac Nut
  • Tin Measurement: 110mm x 81mm x 20mm
  • Air tight tin for double freshness
  • Safety tamper proof seal
  • Hole punched for easy draw
  • 90mm
  • Ring size 23
  • Hand-flavored
  • Hand-rolled
  • Java wrapper