MIT45 - Kratom Shot - Super K
MIT45 - Kratom Shot - Super K

MIT45 - Kratom Shot - Super K

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Because it has more kratom overall, but a lower concentration of invigorating mitragynine, Super K shots are popular with those taking kratom later in the day, or otherwise wanting to reduce mitragynine’s “peppy” effects. Some also find better value by dividing this next-level extract into smaller serving sizes.

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Water, Citric Acid, Kratom Extract

Reported Use: Each 30 ml bottle of MIT45 Super K contains 500 mg of our fast-acting Mitragyna speciosa extract and is recommended for 2 servings. Users recommend Super K for evening or nighttime use. Please, consume responsibly.

New Kratom Users: Super K is made only for experienced kratom users, and we recommend new users start with MIT45 Gold or GO pouches.

Start with 3-6 ml, and wait for around one hour. Kratom affects each body differently, and it’s important to understand how your body interacts with our kratom extracts.