2ONE - Nicotine Pouches - 21 Count
2ONE - Nicotine Pouches - 21 Count

2ONE - Nicotine Pouches - 21 Count

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Chewy Watermelon 8MG 151 Left
Citrus 8MG 207 Left
Gin & Tonic 8MG 235 Left
Glacier Mint 8MG 221 Left
Mocha Java 8MG 206 Left
Naked 8MG 258 Left
Very Berry 8MG 186 Left
Whiskey Cola 8MG 180 Left
Winter Green 8MG 202 Left
Can’t Smoke, Can’t Vape, Don’t Want To? Still Want To Enjoy Nicotine? 20NE tobacco-free nicotine pouches is your solution.

2ONE was developed and designed for the adult consumer. 2ONE Labs Inc. saw the need for a truly 100% tobacco-free portion pouch, one that would not only be tobacco leaf-free, but with absolutely nothing made or derived from tobacco, including the nicotine! While other brands claim to be tobacco free they are only tobacco leaf-free as the nicotine they use is derive from tobacco.

100% TOBACCO-FREE INCLUDING THE NICOTINE: We have eliminated tobacco’s unpleasant flavors and impurities by producing our portion pouch with 100% tobacco free materials including the nicotine.

NON-TOBACCO PLANT BASED MATERIALS: The ingredients of the pouch are all balanced to achieve the fullest nicotine impact, lasting flavor delivery and mouth feel. The patented non-tobacco nicotine is carefully formulated with custom crafted flavors that are then infused into a finely ground neutral cellulose base (derived from eucalyptus).

HIGH QUALITY FLAVORS: A unique blend of fibers, fresh flavors and non-tobacco nicotine gives these tobacco-free nicotine pouches optimal softness and comfort, and they fit discreetly under your lip.

ALTERNATIVE TO SMOKING: These pouches are smoke-free, tobacco leaf free, tobacco odor-free, spit-free and also made with 100% tobacco-free nicotine.